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Carbon Crew Productions The Carbon Crew Productions is a publicly accessible for gathering useful information related to Minecraft , a Java-based computer game created by Notch. Carbon Crew Productions is managed and maintained by a group of contributors from a online community. It is powered by the open source, free Mediawiki software, video, graphical, and community content promotion. Later in 2016, the team had switched towards a community style team, by the inspiration of Achievement Hunter and other communities. All content on Carbon Crew Productions (with the exception of Mojang-owned images, art, and lore) is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

How Carbon Crew Productions was created

Carbon Crew was created from a small group of people who wanted to see a brighter future and wanted to the world to change. The team is a community based site from a range of their work. Currently there is a wide variety of pages being developed along side projects. Most pages are currently being rebuilt by our team from our mid 2015 website disaster, which had ultimately lead towards cookies being able to pin point and resolve them. While rebuilding old pages, were also adding new additions towards our site. Today the Team has took a much bigger responsibility towards hosting their own site with majority of the site being redone from scratch.

Our brief history of our past services.

When hearing the word free, its usually free right? Well sometimes that’s the case, but most of the time you have to do a survey and that’s good or bad for many reasons which takes forever to complete and most of the time its not the product you wanted as well. The Carbon Crew will bring back the services in the future, but has since been either been removed or discontinued.
Active Service Years:

Need For Speed Community

EA said it was impossible.
Well, it turns out that it’s possible and it can be done.
We had provided download links to download patches towards the selection of Need for Speed titles; Need For Speed Carbon and World. These include cracks, versions update, and offline server.

Unlike Pluto Ft. Mike Taylor – Everything Black [Remake + FLP]

By Dylan Tallchief

Unlike Pluto – Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor) [Monstercat Release]

By Monstercat